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  • To provide a kind and loving home for each Weimaraner that enters our program;
  • To educate and inform the public about Weimaraners, and to provide information on care and training (including counseling owners on solving behavior problems) that might otherwise necessitate the owner giving up the dog;
  • To provide education to new and prospective Weimaraner owners as well as continue to expand our own education;
  • To help owners be responsible for their pet (if they must give it up for adoption) by advising them on how to do so correctly and carefully, and to take into our foster program those dogs that need immediate help;
  • To handle with the utmost kindness all of the dogs entrusted to our care, from their day of induction into the rescue system through their placements in their final homes and afterwards through our follow-up program;
  • To provide a safe and kind end to life for animals who, through abuse, infirmity, or old age, cannot be placed in a new environment.