About Us


Tarheel Weimaraner Rescue is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. We are a group of dedicated volunteers who have a deep love of and commitment to the Weimaraner breed. We have rescued and placed over 800 Weimaraners in the last 15 years!


These dogs come to us from a variety of situations: from shelters, from owners who are divorcing or ill and can no longer care for their dogs, from people moving to an apartment that doesn't allow dogs, but mostly from people who did not research the requirements and personality of this unique breed and then later discovered they were not up to the challenge. These are not the calm dogs one sees on Sesame Street or the Wegman photos!!


Our rescue program tries hard to match the right dog to the right owner, and we have been very successful for that reason. When possible, volunteers provide temporary foster homes for adoptable Weims. During this time, the foster family evaluates the dog for temperament, behavior, health etc. and carefully exposes the dog to a variety of experiences. In this way, we are able to determine into which type of home a dog should or should not be placed.


Tarheel Weimaraner Rescue will only place dogs in North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia (sometimes Georgia or the DC area.) An application will need to be completed and approved if you are interested in adopting a Weimaraner from us. (For information on Weimaraner rescue programs in other areas, please contact Rebecca Weimer of the Weimaraner Club of America at 618-236-1466 or visit the WCA website: www.weimaranerclubofamerica.org


We also assist people wishing to place their own dogs, offering suggestions for making sure the best possible new home can be located.


Rarely do we have puppies for adoption. Often, in a home where both people work, an adult dog with some training can be a better choice than a rambunctious puppy. However, if you are only interested in purchasing a puppy, please contact Tarheel Weimaraner Club member, Cindi Caravati cmcaravati@aol.com, 804.883.1192, to request information about reputable breeders and current or upcoming litters.