Paisley's surgery update

Paisley was surrendered to us in March.  Paisley was reported from her owner to have been in good health, but upon meeting our Medical Director, it was immediately noted that something was wrong with her knees.  Paisley had a meet and greet already set up and was able to go home with these loving folks who immediately fell in love and agreed to foster her while we took care of her.  Paisley is only 5 years old and has 2 bad back knees.  It is likely that this was due to injury at some point, though this could be genetic.  Paisley did have her surgery and spent 2 weeks boarding with Dr. Rita and her loving staff and was able to be reunited with her foster parents.  Paisley is happy to be out of the "Cone of Shame" but requires assistance when walking while her knee is healing.  Paisley requires a second surgery, with a total medical bill of $6000.  So far, $1100 has been fund-raised but we need more to cover the first surgery and allow Paisley a second surgery so she can live life more comfortably and actively.  Her foster parents tell us that she is a sweet girl who loves her humans, loves to spend time outdoors, and loves sniffing around the yard.  We know she is dreaming of taking long walks everyday.  Please help Paisley on her path to recovery by donating today!  Please make sure to mention in your donation that it is for Paisley's knees.  And thank you for your support and love for these Gray babies!
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